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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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man to death this afternoon. we first broke this story at 4:00. a man died after being shot at illinois street and purdue avenue just before 2:00 a.m. witnesses saw car leaving that area. police have not revealed the name of the man killed. >> a state lawmaker from san francisco unvauled a bail aimed at reducing gun violence. leelandy wants to wol bolster the ban calling for the ban of the use of bullet bult onas louing shooters to change magazines quickly on military style rifle autos any weapon where have you these kinds of mick nixes to move out a magazine fut putt another one in, those weapons are going to be banned. >> right. >> the bill would bant use that contain more than 10 bullets we've asked national rifle association to comment but the pro gun group has not
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yet responded to us. >> marin county hosting a program tomorrow that will accept violent video games as well. drop off locations are the stations in lark spur and san rafael. the substation as well as st. andrew's church in marin city. this takes place from 11 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. they plan to pay for a gun and up to $10 for video games. if you live in san francisco, and sonoma counties you can participate in marin. >> a huge redwood tree came crashing down today, taking pou skbrer phone lines down witness. a woman inside of the house was not hurt. but the tree caused, you can see here, damage to the roof and second floor. the tree knocked out power to 70 customers in this area. a neighbor says her house moved as the tree hit the ground. waits that strong. >> i heard a sound that sound
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like an explosion. and electricity popped up. phones died. and it was something thatd happened on the street. >> crews think they'll have power restored tonight. the tree about 150 feet tall about about as tall as a 15 story building and believed root decay caused touw'u it topple. >> it's down right cold again overnight there. is another freeze warning. lee? >> it's a cold one. showing you we're seeing clear conditions out there. it's a calm wind and clear skies that are giving way to cold temperatures. now, last night, we had frost, freeze warnings out. you can see why. these are the lows. napa county airport, 26 degrees, 26 sonoma county
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airport. 40 in san francisco. oakland down to 36 degrees, a little bit of wind there overnightf÷ybj. we had 32 degrees in san jose. 29 in redwood city. once again, freeze warning is in place for tomorrow. temperatures mid-20s to low 30s is where darker purple is on the map. santa claire wra ya valley. we have a frost advisory up for morning as well with temperatures there low to mid-30s. that is for bay shore line. you can see into the white purple. looks like tonight, tomorrow morning could be the last night that we see these temperatures. we'll take a look at the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. >> cold making live tough and
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endangering lives foréfg earths. these are treacherous days and nights to live out on the streets, obviously. we're live in san jose way look at how people are coping and how people are helping. >> the sun may be shine in the ice rink in downtown san jose, coming down but take a look at what people, and pets are wearing. >> i have about four layers on and its freezing. yae. my dog gos and hides under the bed. she doesn't want to go for a walk. >> people facing freezing temperatures with different concerns. warren worried about living in a..or motor home. bill dwyer busy protecting plants. each one will tell threw is plenty of cold to go around. >> i've been here 1 years this, is the worst cold snap i've seen here. >> bill dwyer covered up his
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trees and hibiscus plants. >> this is not covered. it was froze yechblt it works g the stuff in the front looks okay. >> homeless are not okay. sake kret -- sacred heart community services are handing out clothes in the clothes closet. jennifer and her company collected and donated 150 coats for those less fort night this morning it said 29 degrees i thought this is a perfect day to drop these off. makes a huge difference. >> lauren will tell you it does make a difference when you live outside. it doesn't have to drop below freezing for cold to cut right through you. >> i knew that 46 was the magic number. once you're 45, 44/>)jñ and dow, it becomes, wakes you up, constantly. >> and tomorrow night sacred
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heart will be handing out about 100 backpacks full of toilet tries and a blanket for homeless men and women. the nonprofit says warm blankets and coats are needed if would you like to help we've made that easy. just go to our web site. and click on see it on tvn san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you.kdivñ >> you can get 30 feet of ice. >> driver beware. police busy warning drivers in the berkeley hills of a large patch of black is on the road. 30 feet of it appeared on a curb. a lot of cars skidded off the road, out of control. >> suddenly through the ice and hit brakes, losing control of vehicles and cars are spinning out. people need to slow down and don't get turned into ice. >> that advice too late for many drivers. seven cars involved in accidents.
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some suffered major damage. officers from oakland and berkeley helped clear roads and ice from roadways. >> it looks like california budget has been balanced. today a budget analyst says brown's spending plan will work if state lawmakers follow it but there is still big debt nout being accounted for. abc 7 news is live from the capitol with more on those concerns. nannette? >> an independent analyst agrez finances are definitely improving but there are some risk as head. >> the nonpartisan analyst says the proposal is roughly bath baled commending for showing fiscal restraint but there are concerns about the california financial health such as long term debt and costs not accounted for on the annual sheet. >> it doesn't pay off all of the wall of debt within this time period. builds up very little of a
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reserve. does nothing requiring our retirement related on bli investigations. >> critics say california would still have a deficit. >> if making payments we needed to pay for benefits, we'd be $9 billion in the hole. so the only way you can show we're not is by ignoring he's obligation autos the brown administration says ate dresses problems just not as fast as critics with like because there is only so much money and the state has more pressing needs. >> we're paying it down on a schedule basis, holding a line on spending. and we believe we've got a proven road map. >> the analyst has concerns about how schools are being given money that is an initiative to make campuses more energy efficient. being counted as part of per pupil spending. >> we've raised concerns over whether it meets language of
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prop 39. >> both agree that state budget could be turned upside down as soon as next n month if california receives less money from feds as a result of the negotiations in washington, d.c.. live in sacramento abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> former president bush left the hospital in texas today after bet battling illness. brompk kitis related cough sent hem to the hospital on the day after thaichlgt he spent a week in intensive car. his doctors say the condition wasn't life threatening but wanted to prevent the 8-year-old from developing pneumonia. >> mr. bush is america's oldest living president, by the way. >> coming up from 7 on your side, smart phone tracking and how laut could be on your side whit comes to finding out who is watching your every key stroke.
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store neighbors say snuck into the neighborhood. >> a car of the year is is an american car competing with mercedes-benz and bmw sports cars. the news at 5:00
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tonight san rafael police on the lookout for this machbl she the say robbed west america bank in san rafael on january 4th. the man approached a teller, demanded money, and made off with cash. police did#&# not say how much money he got away with. >> san francisco muni employees ran up the biggest overtime tab last year going over by $18 million.
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some money went to three supervise dwrorz make sure buses and trains run on time. another chunk landed in wallets of specialized technicians. one worker earned $293,000 a huge step up of base pay of $106,000 a year its a tough to see that happening but people are still looking for job autos it's sometimes required people work a full day, then a full night. it's hard work. it's something that has to be done. >> munikz)o& tells us moreáos-ñs are being trained to reduce the need for overtime. >> people are in one neighborhood not too happy about a convenience store, the city council will decide whether a 7-11 will be allowed to stay or be forced to close. neighbors sate convenience store should have never been allowed in the residential area and they want it gone. lawyers for 7-11 say the store
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is properly zoned and they'll sue if the city votes to shut down. >> it's the end of the line fr residents of a redwood city marinea. tenant who's live at house boats in pete's harbor have until tomorrow to get out. it's been sold to a private developer who plans to build an apartment complex on the site. nljkñ week a judge denied a request for a temporary restraining order. a few dwraents say they'll stay put. >> governor brown will come to the south bay to announce a partnership tomorrow. the pilot program will make online courses available to students with the goal of expanding access to higher education. this was the first day of the spring semester at city college. students returning to classes and there is uncertainty about the school few turk add minute
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vaitors must fix the school's accreditation. city college suffer aid drop in enrollment. the school could lose more than $6 million in funding. >> pressure probably has discouraged students from coming here. we're doing everything we can to encourage students to come here now. >> the school has a marketing campaign to increase enrollment. >> if you got trapped in the mortgage mess and lost your home, perhaps we have important information for you tonight. >> the headline if you were with you one of the people, time is rung out. national mortgage relief settlement is wrapping up the first phase. if you lost your home to foreclosure have you to act this week. the deadline is friday for people to sup mitt a claim to
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receive part of the $25 billion settlement. this was a settlement connected to actions surrounding a robo signing controversy. banks involved in the citi, and wells fargo i've posted a link on abc 7 if you lost your home through foreclosure go online, check it out. >> zrou your smart phone with you now? that means you're probably being chaked. tracking abilities of phones and computer means kor raigss not only know where you are, but what roads you took to get there. could be gres led by senator al franken is now getting serious about oversight of those who are watching you. thew0éiq bill moving through congress that would tell us who is tracking us and who is
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going about it this, information could allow computers and programs to figure out religious and political afillation was your driving and shopping tab yits -- habits. a thing of beauty has just been rolled out in detroit. let me show you. the brand new corvette sting ray. right. what that name hasn't been used since 1976 but it's pack. -- back, sporting 450 horse power projecting from zero to 60 in under four seconds. with that this, will be the most fuel efficient corvette ever produced. the price? well, how much do you have? you can spend about $50,000 to more than $113,000. >> how many horse power? are they selling that to the government? >> it's pretty. >> thank you. >> we're talking about cars,
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also in detroit cadillac ats has been named 2013 north american car of the year. it's a compact luxury sedan designed to compete with bmw 3 series. general motors, cadillac parent company says this is ar5ñ huge boost for credibility here. it was the first win in at wards 19-year history. chrysler ram 1500 won truck of the year, by wait. >> it's chilly outside. isn't it?. >> it is. >> just three days it's been so cold. highs in the 50s and upper 40s but things goring to start to change. outside we go. i tell you, high pressure starting to build in. this is a delightful afternoon. looking over the bay, just a few clouds here and there.
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let's take you to mount tamalpais. our camera there, you're looking towards ocean beach. . a beautiful sunset happening. showing you no more out there. we're seeing high clouds here and there. right now, in the 40s. 48 in napa. 46 in novato. oakland 55. in sanynyc4 jose. temperatures are up from this time yesterday. so... improving weather conditions slightly. santa rosa up by three, one degree increase in san francisco. here is a look at the forecast. a cold night, freeze warnings
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posted. and then, after thark getting ready for a milder pattern into wednesday, thursday, and friday. pe let's run through this freeze warning tuesday morning until 9:00 a.m. shading in dark purple. as welling as santa claire va ya valley. last night, the bay area started to shrink a little bit. you're going to find-x@a mid-20s overnight. and we have a frost advisory posted until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow that, is a light purple shading here then for the bay shore line. lows from low to mid-30s. maybe the last night we see
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frost advisory. lows tonight 27 santa rosa. nap area, 28. 39 san francisco. 28 degrees overnight>( temperatures. 32 san jose. care of those. high pressure is with us. cold air mass just over the bay area, it will push east tomorrow. get ready for dry, milder temperatures wednesday, thursday, friday. tomorrow, temperatures coming up at four, five degrees. spring time out there. here is a look at numbers for you. santa rosa, 58. you'll finally get into low 50s. 56 for san jose. we'll see 57 degrees for santa cruz. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast.
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we start to warm things up a bit. sunny, temperatures by saturday and it's compared to what we've had. >> overnight temperatures st'mó to moderatea
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raise awareness and probably eye brows alameda county shows this ad campaign a family baring all, the message is why let them go without health coverage is in the family wants -- county wants families s
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health insurance. s >> yale researchers found male jurors have a weight bias, men on a jury likely to find obese women guilty than leaner women. but weight did not make a difference when the defendant was a man. women tend to be more sympathetic. the female participants showed no weight bias. >> we're keyed up about the ñsñ
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coming up a story you'll see on abc 7 news, thousands of items recovered by a massive fencing operation tonight what this is doing to the mashlgt for stolen goods. >> a driver in a tight spot. the dmv overcharged her. she had to decide pay more or lose registration what. would you do? how it happened. >> and hitting the road with
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49ers. faithful planning to follow the team to atlanta. hopefully, beyond those story pz more coming up at 6:00. >> we're talking about the niners the team advances and fans have good reason to cheer like this dog and take a look. he kisses his right bicep there. >> you can e mail us your photos. i was on the phone this afternoon with a woman going to send hers in to, you report at we'll post them and may just show yours on the air. we'd love to share your team pride. >> yes. exciting this weekend we're looking forward to next sunday as well. world news is up next. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, thanks for watching.
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> th this is "world news." tonight, coming clean? lance armstrong says i'm sorry, after more than a decade of denials. has the tour de france champion begun an apology tour? time for action. what the president is planning to do about gun violence. real money. we show one family how they're paying $1,000 too much on their cell phone bill. they get back real money and you can, too. >> holy mamma jamma. and homecoming. big news today from our very own robin roberts. >> i'm coming home. good evening to you on this monday. and as we come on the air, a powerful greek drama is playing out in america. a former champion, lance


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